Bribes in politics, do conservatives compromise their integrity and ethics for money?

Asked by: jakscrow
  • Yes and Democrats. The whole government is bought off.

    It's easy to see that pretty much the whole U.S. government is bought off. Just the fact that Monsanto does anyhing they want makes it clear. The FDA appears blind to any thought of pharmaceutical companies possibly creating a poor drug. Hmmm... Think about it. Bought off? Predatory lending by credit card companies? No problem. Go ahead. No one's watching... Law enforcement suddenly started stalking vehicles at random and upping drug sweeps, 90% on poor communities despite most illegal drug buys and use by the "nonpoor", and now drug tests for Welfare applicants? 2.5% failed. 2.5%. Again, 2.5%. Truely a war on the poor. It's obvious that this is descrimination. It's also blatently a violation of the 4th Amendment. (Unreasonable search and seizure) What? Sure, anything to nickel and dime illegal drugs to up the purchase of the real drug dealer's product, uh.... I mean "legal drug use"...Cough. Why are elected officials not drug tested? Obviously they need to have a clean, golden stream more than a worker at McDonalds, but... There's no excuse. It's hypocrisy. "Ye Washington hypocrites!" Let us see your pee. No? Didn't think so. All those urine tests?Hmm....I think it's safe to assume those making money off those tests are not poor. It's becoming a POLICE STATE. They are using law enforcement to protect the interests of lobbyists who represent corporate America. And campaign contributions in mass? A company should be providing zero money to any official for anything. What good, fair motive could Monsanto have to contribute to a campaign? None. Washington has become a prostitute selling itself for money. They aren't seeing what's right in front of their face. The more the money piles at the top and the money pile at the bottom gets smaller, the closer to chaos and civil war. All these payoffs, but they forgot to payoff their only true threat. Those who have idoly sat around in trashy trailor parks using their food stamp cards, participating in petty drug use, and getting Welfare checks have no jobs to get if forced out, and if they all wind up on the street, the government will have created an army with nothing to lose, who needs food, needs resources, is starving, and has one group they'll start canabalizing first. Congress, the Senate, lobbyists, and CEO's have plenty of meat on their bones. Those fat cat bodies will kick off the feasting. So thank you Washington for providing those in poverty with this meal...You forgot to pay the poor off. It won't be long until they'll come to collect.

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