Britain's former PM could be sued: should Tony Blair take responsibility for sending Britain to war?

  • A crime is a crime ...

    Blair should be tried in Hague, accepting responsibility isn't enough. He should also donate all the money he made, from his book on the war, to the Iraqi families he destroyed while trying to find the infamous (and proven fictional) WMDs. The UK as country should also stop exploiting any Iraqi natural resourses and hand it back to the people of Iraq.

  • Yes, Tony Blair should take responsibility for sending Britain to war.

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair should take responsibility for sending his country to war in Iraq. Blair was a major supporter of the war; arguing that it was necessary to remove Saddam Hussein from power. The Iraq War killed thousands of American, British, Allied troops, as well as thousands of civilians. Furthermore, it led to a destabilized Middle East which gave rise to ISIS. In short, Tony Blair should take responsibility for the terrible outcome of taking Great Britain to war.

  • Yes, the former PM bears a great deal of the responsibilty for taking his country to war, and should be liable for that.

    Although I feel that the responsibility lies with more than one person, ultimately the former Prime Minister is responsible in the same way that the United States President was also responsible and should be held accountable for the cost to his government and people. The blow-back from the war has created larger terrorist groups, and fueled deeper mistrust and hatred for Britain at the cost of many innocent lives.

  • Yes, he should take responsibility.

    It was ultimately Tony Blair's decision to go to war with Iraq, so he absolutely should take responsibility for it. The deaths and aftermath are directly his fault, no matter what the research said beforehand and investigations say afterwards, it was his choice. Blindly following the US was a terrible decision that he is responsible for.

  • Yes, Tony Blair should take some responsibility for sending Britain to war.

    Yes, Tony Blair should accept some responsibility for sending Britain to war. Both Blair in the U.K. and George W. Bush in the U.S. hold degrees of culpability for starting the Iraq war, which resulted in the lawless environment that bred the rise of ISIS and terrorism around the world.

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