British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn loses a no-confidence vote but refuses to resign. Can he govern effectively?

  • Save the services

    The tory cuts are hurting everyone, Plus the tories are destroying the NHS, Corbyn will create more doctors, Also he wants to cut the waiting time, And Corbyn recognises the housing crisis built by the tories, And he will save the schools also cut useless pointless stupid tuition fees, Which are annoying.

  • Yes he can.

    Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader to the labour party by a democratic vote. He is an old fashioned politician with radical ideas and as a result of the media portrayal, doubts are starting to creep in. However, he has shown already how he can unite a party, and will be needed to unite a broken Britain.

  • No, Jeremy Corbyn cannot govern effectively after losing the no-confidence vote

    No, Jeremy Corbyn cannot govern effectively after losing the no-confidence vote. After losing the no-confidence vote, Corbyn is supposed to resign as the leader of Parliament and the Prime Minister of the country of Great Britain. This is how the government works in the country. If Corbyn does not resign, people have no reason to respect his leadership.

  • I do not think he will be able to govern effectively.

    There is a possibility that any laws he makes will not be accepted y the rest of parliament. Especially if people wanted him to step down and he refused to do so. I personally think that maybe he should resign if the rest of the people feel that way. However, I have no idea because I don't follow British politics.

  • No, he cannot govern effectively.

    British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will not be able to govern effectively after losing a no-confidence vote. He should resign for the good of his party and the British government. Anytime a politician loses the confidence of his colleagues, governing becomes difficult. Without the support of one's own party, it is unlikely that he will have much support from voters either.

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