British man changes name to avoid airline administrative fee: Are airline fees too high?

  • Yes, airline fees are too high.

    Many airlines charge expensive fees that make the costs of flying too high for some travelers. Airline fees can add significant costs to your ticket price. Therefore, airlines should be more transparent in the costs of tickets - reducing the amount of fees charged to flyers. In short, airline fees are too high.

  • Yes it is.

    It is the airlines fault, you should not have to cancel and rebook a ticket to change a name, it should just be editing an item on a database, and does not and should not require canceling and rebooking of tickets this is just an excuse to charge money for old rope. Why doesn't Ryanair simply charge people a £1million "administration fee"? It is simply not the case that, having entered into a contract, a business can then simply charge anything they like in "administration fees"... This is the reason banks have severely curtailed the eye-watering fees they once used to whack people with and also the reason card charges (effectively a form of 'admin fee') have reduced dramatically. The fee has to bear some reality to the actual costs incurred. The trouble is that because the law is stacked in favor of business and not consumers, such outrageous "administration fees" can only be challenged retrospectively, by which time the customer has risked losing the goods or services they paid for. What is needed is for criminal laws, rather than civil ones, to be applied, so that when a business attempts to bully and shake down a customer for an innocent mistake in this way, the Police deal with them as severely and swiftly as they would any other common fraudster.

  • Airline fees are ridiculously overpriced.

    The fees airlines charge for changing travelplans or changing the name on a ticket are utterly ridiculous and impossible to justify, especially when they do everything possible to avoid printing tickets and place that burden on the consumer. In an age with airlines making record profits thanks in poart to low fueel prices, their profits will grow even higher at the expense of the traveler.

  • Yes airline fees are too high.

    We pay so much at the airport due to gas prices and TSA. TSA is kind of useless we learned after the events here in Miami. Gas is a cost of doing business and needs to go into the ticket price. I think this guess was being ridiculous but also smart.

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