British Muslims:Will they ever effectively assimilate into British society?

  • Yes, they will assimilate if they aren't discriminated against by the British.

    British Muslims feel stigmatized for their beliefs. Women in particular are ridiculed for wearing hijab, traditional in many Muslim-majority countries, and ironically, are pressured into wearing Western-style clothes. They want to pay taxes, get educations, and contribute to society. The British need to recognize that these people are just trying to go about their lives. They will be assimilated quickly if they can accept this.

  • Yes, British Muslims will effectively assimilate into British society.

    Yes, British Muslims will effectively assimilate into British society, because they value the same things in their country as non-Muslim Britons. Freedom to worship, the ability to find a steady job, and peace and security are things that British citizens value no matter their religious background. The essential aspects of British society are not dependent upon a particular race or religion, but instead are shared across diverse communities.

  • Yes, British Muslims will effectively assimilate into British society

    Yes, it is possible for British Muslims to effectively assimilate into British society. While it is true that much of the responsibility of assimilation lies in the hands of the people being assimilated, it is also true that if the British people accept Muslims as their neighbors, the process will happen even quicker.

  • How is this even a question?

    I am shocked that this is even being asked... This person must have literally zero knowledge about the ideology of islam.

    They openly state that they WILL not assimilate, and that their goal is domination and conversion, or execution of every infidel.

    They tell you to your faces they have no respect for your communities or for your values, and that they are out to destroy you, and you continue to ignore them. How were you even able to read your way onto the internet and post a question with such low levels of intelligence and comprehension?

    My condescending tone may seem rude, but it is actually well warranted.

    Stop pretending life is all sprinkles and rainbows. Muslims want to convert you or kill you, period, there is no middle ground. It is explicitly stated in their sacred religious text.

  • No, they will not assimilate.

    Muslims will never effectively be a part of society in the United Kingdom. Belief in the Quran will trump belief in British tradition, policy and way of life. All immigrants must be required to conform to the culture and social normals of their select country, and if they take issue, they are more than welcome to leave.

  • It is extremely doubtful that Muslims will ever completely assimilate into British society.

    Given the current circumstances in British society it isn't likely that Muslims will ever blend completely, without some form of education or repercussions regarding their current perceptions of women in particular. There have been numerous accounts of violence toward women which many Muslims consider "normal" in their culture. This has caused much unrest among the British people, justifiably so.

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