British rule in India was accidental or planned.? What is your opinion it was intentional or unintentional..?

  • British rule in india was accidental or planned

    What do you think it was accidental or it was planned.?
    If it was planned then give ur opinion why it was planned . If you think it was accidental then put your views in favor .
    I hope it will be great debate to show opinion
    opinion in favor or against

  • A degree in History specialising in Empire

    It was entirely planned for the benefit of British elites, of course. You don't accidentally systemically oppress an entire nation and exploit all of it's resources to make your own country wealthier, until it is left divided and almost destitute. I really do not understand how one could possibly argue it was accidental. I could write a book on the calculated monstrosities committed by the British Empire in order to further it's own financial position and power. The British Empire was an incredibly bureaucratic and ordered machine. Nothing they did was by accident.

    Posted by: Fizz

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