British school children attacked by Calais refugees: Should Britain continue taking in refugees?

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  • Yes, Britain should continue taking in refugees.

    Yes, Britain should continue taking in refugees. One person or one group does not represent a whole people. It is my belief that Britain should not hold all Calais refugees accountable for the actions of one group. A lot of these refugees need help. Denying them help might send them back to where they came from, causing more hate which could lead to more terror attacks. We need to help these people, provide them with a healthy atmosphere and higher level education so that they can grow to understand that war is not the way. War is nothing but a path to destruction.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, Britain should continue taking refugees. But it should do so with a higher degree of caution, as recent incidents involving migrants have shown that the process of taking in refugees requires a bit of an overhaul. Migrants should be made aware of how they should conduct themselves once they've entered British borders. The process of immigrating or seeking asylum is a two-way street, which requires one to submit themselves to the laws and norms of the nation that is willing to take them in.

  • Once We Group, We Lose.

    On a daily basis in the south Chicago suburbs is riddled with violence, whether gun violence, gang violence or attacks. A twitter page from Chicago shows 31 shootings in one weekend...these are not refugees, these are our very own Americans. If we start lumping in "refugees" as everyone all being the same, this will not be an accepting country. Britain needs to possibly take stronger actions to identify possible angry attackers who are not looking for a true pardon. If we stop taking in refugees, we stop helping, and that is not the best place to be.

  • Why choose Ireland?

    Refugees can comite crime and cause damage in Ireland! Do we really need more people in ireland with the amount of space we have? For example,the population of ireland is 4.7 million! But compared to France and other big countries? The population of France is 65 million! See the difference? You might think its not fair for them but theirs us to think about to!!

  • No More Refugees

    There should be no more refugees allowed in Ireland. When people are desperate they might commit crimes, even in a host country that is doing them a favor. We have no idea what motives people have. People are capable of doing harm to others, and children and women are the most vulnerable of victims.

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