British soldier managed to get a longbow kill during WW2: Could a soldier have survived with only a longbow?

  • Yes, it is possible that a soldier could survive with only a longbow.

    While it would certainly not be the most secure circumstance to enter into a war with. it is absolutely possible for a soldier to survive one armed with only a longbow. After all a weapon is a weapon and depending on the skill of the user with his weapon of choice, he may have a good chance of survival.

  • If they were really good.

    If you are really good at killing people with a long bow then you stand a pretty good chance. Granted, you do leave yourself more open than somebody with a rifle but stranger things have happened. If you are quick and deadly it really does not matter what kind of weapon you have.

  • Yes, a soldier could survive with only a longbow.

    In any war, the scales are tipped based on advantages, but not all advantages are based on which weaponry is used. A soldier's instinct, intelligence, training and capability are his greatest advantages, not the weapon chosen. Soldiers have been known to survive for no reasonable reason in the harshest circumstances. Many say it is fate; others say it is faith. Either way, the weapon used is not the only factor involved in winning a war or surviving.

  • No, a soldier in WWII couldn not have fought solely with a longbow.

    No, of course it would be impossible for a WWII soldier to have fought using only a longbow. This was a war of heavy weaponry, advanced machine gun technology, versatile rifles, and widespread handguns to back up any primary weapon. A soldier with a longbow, even though it would be possible for this soldier to earn a kill or two, would not be able to survive for very long, as the time it takes to fire and reload a longbow, as well as the difficulty in aiming relative to a gun, would make it very easy for this soldier to be shot and killed.

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