British Spies can manipulate polls: Should any government use available technology to create propaganda?

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  • Ability to use Technology is not as safe as it seems

    The power to secretly create government propaganda is among the many hacking tools revealed in the latest batch of Edward Snowden documents. British spies can manipulate online polls -- or trick the world into thinking a video or web page is going viral. It includes some of what you would expect from a spy agency intent on protecting the United Kingdom from terrorists: the ability to disable target computers, slip into enemy devices to lock their files, send spoof emails that impersonate a sender's address, and cripple websites with denial of service attacks.

  • No, governments should not utilize propoganda to manipulate people

    No, I do not believe that the British government, nor any government, should make use of manipulative propaganda to falsify polls or otherwise mislead its people. Although the purpose of the government is indeed authoritative in nature, it is also intended to make use of that authority for the best interest of the citizens; manipulation is certainly not a means by which this can be done.

  • Unfortunately we Live in a World of Manipulation

    Many western governments have crossed a line and are no longer honoring the principals of freedom which were once accepted as sacred. While they should not manipulate elections and spy on innocent citizens they now do so without apology or remorse. It is unfortunate that citizens are allowing this abuse of power to continue.

  • No government should be allowed to create propoganda

    I don't believe the British are the only ones manipulating polls. This "trick" has been used for years by governments worldwide, as well as corporations. Should governments use this manipulation? No they shouldn't, and they should be punished if caught doing so. The fact is: they do use polls in a manipulative fashion. It is difficult to catch someone actually doing that.

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