• yes the new law is extreme

    Also known as the Snoopers’ Charter, the legislation has been criticised as being among the most onerous in the world upon the civilian population, and will require British ISPs to retain a curtailed form of their customers’ internet browsing histories – including what websites they had visited – for 12 months so that various authorities could request it for investigative purposes.

  • Yes, it is unprecedented

    In my opinion, the new surveillance law is unprecedentedly extreme. Although many governments have imposed strict surveillance policies on their citizens in the past, the technology of the time limited governments in the scope of their surveillance. The technology of the 21st century has enabled governments to implement surveillance methods that could not have been dreamed of in earlier eras.

  • It is a fair reaction.

    With all of the technology there is today, there is no reason that a crime that happens in public should go unpunished. There should be surveillance of everything. It is so inexpensive. People will feel a lot safer if society uses these cameras. This is basic public safety and not a big, objectionable invasion of privacy.

  • This new British surveillance law is simply bringing outdated laws up to date.

    Previous laws concerning monitoring of communications between citizens in the U.K. mostly related to a time before the internet was invented. They were difficult to untangle and apply. The new law allows for surveillance agencies to collect and review communications data and to require broadband and cellphone providers to hold and supply a year's worth of data. If this helps prevent acts of terrorism, this shouldn't be a problem.

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