Britney Law (protecting celebrities from the paparazzi): Is it sensible to protect celebrities with a personal safety zone?

  • Yes, but a very small zone.

    To be perfectly honest, most celebrities got where they are not because of talent but because they are famous for being famous. If they had not cultivated this attention through their publicists, they would not be celebrities. So they are fair game for the press, other than having a very small personal safety zone.

  • Celebrities are people.

    I think that the paparazzi and celebrity culture is a disturbing thing. It makes people think it is OK to violate the rights and freedoms of people solely because they are famous. I think that celebs deserve a buffer zone for their personal safety, it's ridiculous we are even arguing it.

  • Celebrities Need to Function

    I believe it would be a great thing for states or the federal government to impose rules on paparazzi or instill all people with a personal safety zone. Celebrities are simply people who work in the entertainment industry. Their lives do not belong to anyone, but themselves and they should not have to deal with what has become legal stalking.

  • Britney Law is a sensible law

    The Britney Law is a sensible law to have in place to protect celebrities with a personal safety zone. Celebrities are put at a very high risk of personal harm due to the very nature of being a celebrity. It is only fair that they have certain safety measures put in place to prevent harm.

  • Everyone Has Right to Privacy

    The paparazzi have no right to invade someone's privacy, even if the person is a celebrity. If 100 photographers showed up at a private citizen's party and started taking pictures like crazy, they would be sued for harrassment and stalking. Celebrities deserve the same privacy. Paparazzi clog traffic and should be run over trying to get that perfect photo of J-Lo, Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Is it really worth it? Should we idolize celebrities or should we idolize parents and teachers instead?

  • Yes, celebrities deserve the same right to privacy and personal space we all enjoy.

    Celebrities, just like other human beings, do deserve to walk down the street without fear of their privacy being invaded. Tabloids (and tabloid-like Internet sites) should not be seen as having the right to push their cameras in people's faces, regardless of how many movies they've been in or how many albums they've released. We seem to forget that celebrities are real people, not caricatures meant for our entertainment.

  • Celebrities have rights.

    Celebrities should be able to have a private life without being harassed. They should be able to have a personal safety zone. If someone were constantly following someone else around and harassing them when they weren't famous it would be stalking. Celebrities are human beings and they have the same rights to privacy as everyone else.

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