Britney Law (protecting celebrities from the paparazzi): Is the media not entitled to "legitimate access" to celebrities?

  • Yes, the media has a right.

    To be perfectly honest, these celebrities are mostly famous for being famous and calling in the media whenever they want more publicity often for some horrible activities. So they should not complain that they need privacy at some points when they may not be in the mood. They would not have their fame and fortune if it were not for their willingness not to have privacy.

  • They are not.

    The Britney Law (protecting celebrities from the paparazzi) makes it so that the media is not entitled to "legitimate access" to celebrities. The celebrities that the paparazzi hounds on a constant basis are people too, and have as much as a right to their own privacy as anyone else does.

  • The media should have "legitimate access" but not umlimited access to celebrities

    People who choose to live in the public eye are giving up some of the privacy they would normally enjoy in exchange for fame. That does not mean celebrities should be stalked, harassed and under constant scrutiny. However celebrity photos are part of the commercial side of stardom - magazines, blogs, tv celebnews, and being on them keeps celebs in the "cycle of fame". There should be limits on how close the paparazzi can get, especially to children, but public figures should have a lesser expectation of privacy, especially in public.

  • No they are not

    I do not think that the media is entitled to anything. They are not entitled to media access of celebrities. I think that the paparazzi goes to far. Sure we all love our celebrities, but there needs to be a line drawn between loving what they do for work, and obsessing over the celebs every move in life. It is unfair to the celebs. They deserve a private life.

  • No. I believe the media is entitled to "legitimate access" to celebrities.

    No. I believe the media is entitled to "legitimate access" to celebrities, because that is a pert of the job. There has been media ever since there has been celebrities. if you want to be a celebrity you have to accept the fact that you wont have much privacy in your life.

  • No They Are Not

    I do not believe that the media is entitled to legitimate access to celebrities. Celebrities are people, just like everyone else, however their chosen field of work was in the entertainment industry. It is no different than another citizen getting up and going to their 9-5, except no one really cares. Celebrities should be able to do the same things the rest of the world does and they should be able to do it without being stalked and harassed.

  • Everyone deserves their privacy!

    This is part of "American" life. Everyone should be able to go into their homes, on their property, celebrity or no celebrity, whenever they feel like it and be able to enjoy their privacy. Although, the various professions and lifestyles that celebrities become involved in attract the paparazzi, there should still be boundaries for every human in the USA regarding their privacy.

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