Britney Law (protecting celebrities from the paparazzi): Will the "Britney Law" protect the safety of the public?

  • Britney Law can protect the safety of the public

    Britney Law restricts what the paparazzi can or cannot do, which gives celebrities more privacy and space. They won't be harassed as much by the public as the public would not be able to see the private lives of the celebrities. This will cause less anger and stress from the celebrities and may prevent future conflicts between the public and the celebrities.

  • Yes, I believe the "Brittany law" will protect the public.

    I believe that the "Brittany law" will help protect the public. By restricting what the paparazzi can and cannot do it gives celebrities a little more privacy and space. Celebrities won't lash out on the public if they have more space and are not harassed as much. I think celebrities get stressed and angry when everyone is following their every move and that could cause them to lose control easier. With more space they can finally relax a little bit.

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