Brittney Griner domestic violence arrest: Should the WNBA do more to address its domestic violence problem?

  • Domestic Violence Is Wrong

    How many male players have been suspended due to being arrested for domestic violence? Where is the equality to this in the WNBA? Is this because Ms. Griner makes too much money for the league? Wake up WNBA - you have problems that need to be addressed immediately. Suspend indefinitely both players.

  • No to Violence

    It doesn't matter who the perpetrator is, violence towards a loved one is never OK.If a crime of domestic violence has been committed, then the full extent of the law should be exercised. The WNBA should be seen to be following and supporting the law in whatever decision is made. Players should certainly not be getting special treatment because of their status.

  • Should be held the same as men

    Adrian Peterson is turned into a national villain for over spanking his son. Then what? 3 months later Hope Solo beats her niece and nobody bats an eye. Ray Rice's career is over for his charge, which he retaliated to his wife hitting him first and this is the first I have even heard of Brittney Griner's arrest. Women want to be treated equal and paid equal etc, well then they should be taking the heat for things like this equally.

  • More should be done to address this issue by the organization.

    More should be done to address this issue by the organization. This is because women can be perpetrators of domestic violence. Whether a woman is hitting a woman or another man, the WNBA should address this problem with its players. A lot of female athletes are aggressive individuals, and might be prone to hitting just like some men.

  • The WNBA should take a hard stand on the issue of domestic violence.

    The WNBA, just like every other professional sport league, should have hard, firm policy on the issue of player charges with domestic violence. This should be a part of the player's union master agreement on personal conduct and community standards. It should not be dependant on the matter of a conviction, but of arrest.

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