Bro-choice -- funny (yes) or it would be funny if it wasn't so damn serious (no)? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • What I'm talking about is the abortion slogan

    There's an abortion slogan that is called "bro-choice." It was mentioned by Sarah Silverman. It was this thing that those who don't support abortion will never ever get it with a hot chick again. That's what it was about. It was a classic thing they mentioned. So I wanted to see what you thought.

  • No it is not.

    Bro-choice seems a tad weird, on one hand yes men should get a certain amount of say when it comes to abortion, I mean the child is not made just from a woman after all. However, a man that wants the pro-choice simply because they want to continue to be with women without consequence is not funny, or cool.

  • Funny in presentation, maybe, but damn serious

    Basically, the moment you make abortion about the 'right to choose' to be a parent at a given time, you have to consider both sides. If it is the safety of the mother, it has to be the woman's choice. If it is a case of rape or incest, it has to be the woman's choice.

    If it is two people having sex and either one of them deciding they aren't ready to be a parent, then you have to give both parties equivalent rights. The idea that a woman can say 'nope, not ready', but a man, even if he was told the woman was on the pill, used contraception of other kinds, or in some bizarre cases isn't even the father, and is still held accountable as a parent, regardless of what they would choose for themselves, is simply wrong.

    People can make fun of it all they want, but this kind of dehumanizing tactic, making it sound like men are just crazy sex machines who don't want to face consequences, is just wrong. Why is it all about choice and responsibility when a woman isn't ready to be a parent, and so different when a man isn't ready?

    Again, if you give one the choice, the other should have it, too.
    People are free to joke, but it feels pretty serious to me.

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KingDebater says2013-12-26T17:40:18.473
I pick the option "not funny at all, and not because of the seriousness of the issue".
DudeStop says2013-12-27T01:35:47.153