• Yes, car windows are more likely to be broken in California.

    I feel that car windows are broken in California because they are so under staffed because there are too many people in metropolitan areas. There are too many people that know there aren't enough cops to keep everyone safe and so they take advantage of the situation. There are too many people who are here illegally in California as well and they don't have the same values as Americans do and therefore they steal from people who work hard for their belongings.

  • Car theft numbers show thieves love California

    The state of California was number one in car thefts for 2015. The New York-Newark-Jersey City MSA ranked for below many other areas of the country and came in at number 264. The New York City metro area had the most at 22,391 thefts, but that is less than half the 57,247 of Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim MSA.

  • No, automobiles are no safer in New York or California than in any other state.

    No, automobiles are no safer in New York or California than in any other state. Crime happens all across the country. The actual rate of automobile vandalism is dependent on more than factors than merely the state. In largely, more populated areas there is a higher ratio of police officers to citizens. More resources are allocated to public safety in large states with larger budgets for public safety. Therefore, in other states other than California and New York, one can argue that their are fewer police officers and fewer resources spread out over a larger area.

  • California is huge

    As long as you're sticking to Northern California, all your neighbors are giant trees. Besides, people on the West Coast are generally more laid back than people in New York. It's probably all the sunshine that we get over here. I wouldn't leave anything of value in a car sitting in the middle of New York City.

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