Broncos CB Aqib Talib was shot in the leg: should the incident force him to leave the Broncos?

  • The Broncos should not be accepting this type of behaviour.

    As a professional football player, Aqib Talib is an ambassador. He is a representative of his team, his sport, and his nation. As such, it is reasonable to be expected, that he behave in a professional, and responsible manner. Aqib Talib is supposed to be a role model. Partying and getting shot is not an appropriate appearance for a role model.

  • No he should not.

    So what if he got shot in the leg. What does that have to do with football career? one has no bearing on the other. As long as he is physically capable of playing, let him be. It is nobody's business what he does in the off season. Let a player play!

  • No, he's a victim.

    Aqib Talib getting shot is a sad event. If he doesn't recover in time for the season, he shouldn't play. However, that is the only reason he shouldn't play. He didn't do anything wrong; he was the victim of a crime. There is no reason that he should have to leave the team.

  • No, Aqib Talib should not be forced to leave the Broncos.

    I think that Talib's inclusion to the team should be contingent on his prowess as an athlete. Being shot in the leg is obviously going to be a setback for that, but I feel that he should be given adequate recovery time, and then given the opportunity to prove that he is still a valuable, committed member to the team. If he can overcome this, he should absolutely retain his position. If the injury damages his abilities too severely for him to play, then that should be the deciding factor. I don't think a decision can be made until he has proven himself - he shouldn't simply be forced out.

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