• Yes, any help in the teams defense is warranted.

    Being number 20 on the free agent hot 100 list he was a very desirable candidate for a team needing improvement on defensive strategies. After the super bowl game against the Sea hawks the Broncos proved that being the best offensive team does not mean you can win all games played. According to public response on the article "Broncos sign T.J. Ward," Bronco fans are eager to see Ward play in the upcoming season.

  • Did you watch the Super Bowl?

    The Broncos defense was garbage last season. The only reason they made it to the Super Bowl was Peyton Manning and their amazing offense. TJ Ward represents a massive upgrade to their horrifically porous secondary that was a huge contributing factor in several losses last year and played a role in their destruction in the Super Bowl.

  • He is beneficial.

    Yes, T.J. Ward will provide beneficial in the upcoming season, because he is a fresh face and eager to make an impact. He has the technical skills. After such an embarrassing defeat in the super bowl, Denver had to do something to mix things up. Ward will be contributor in many ways.

  • Welcome T.J. Ward!

    T.J. Ward is a fantastic player who will add tremendously to the upcoming season for the Broncos. His experience and consistency on the field is exactly what the Broncos need to make this next season a success. It will be fun to watch the dynamics of the team being refeshed with this new player.

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