• I count myself among there number.

    Although it is not frequent. I too occasionally watch an episode of My Little Pony. Me and several of my friends watch the show despite the fact that we are post pubescent and some of us are male. Another fact is that 85% of all My Little Pony fans are Heterosexual so don't going around shouting "GAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!" at other fans.

  • I love bronies!

    I'm a pegasister and Bronies are cool! Don't judge, whenever I see a brony I just smile. I LIKE TO SEE YOU SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! Pinkie aside. And it's considered MANLY by bronies, I'm a tomboy. So my like for MLP comes from me growing to hating the other gens of the franchise,but when Friendship is magic came out, it blew my mind! No really it blew my mind!

  • Bronies are awsome

    Being a Brony is awesome, I love the show that created the fan base(which is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), I enjoy watching the show on my Netflix Profile. For people who hate on Bronies, they can suck on big fat BALLS!!! If they watch the show with an open mind, it is a great show. Haters should accept the fact that MLP:FiM is popular for what it is and how it got the Brony fan base.

    BOTTOM LINE: Haters should accept what fan base we have today leave and never even judge the Bronies alone or they will hurt them.

  • They are wack

    What the heck are Bronies. Anyways, they seem like a waste of time to watch or play or whatever the hell they are.
    In addition, just don't even bother with these things, but instead play minecraft or save up money to buy the new call of duty game coming out next year

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