Brooks Wheelan fired from Saturday Night Live: Will Wheelan be better off post-SNL?

  • Wheelan Has a Promising Career Ahead

    While being fired from any position does not bode well for one's career, most actors or comedians use Saturday Night Live as a jumping off point, and end up going on to pursue projects that are not only more important to them, but also more profitable. Wheelan is extremely talented, and I am confident that he will be better off post SNL.

  • The news of his being fired is giving him more notoriety than he had when on the show.

    Brooks Wheelan was fine as a cast member, but so far, had not really been a part of any skit that made him a stand out, or even memorable. But now, with the news that he's been fired, his name is suddenly in the headlines. A lot of people are probably learning his name for the first time because of this. Not to mention, notable people, Judd Apatow being one, have already reached out via social media in support of him. I think his being fired has the potential to be a bigger career boost for him than it would had SNL renewed his contract. Besides, some of the greatest comedians of all time were fired from SNL after one season, Billy Crystal, for one. If he has a good agent, I believe he can make this work in his favor.

  • Yes, Wheelan will be better off post-SNL.

    Hopefully Wheelan will follow in the same success foot steps of many other comedians who were fired from the SNL stage. Included in those fired from SNL are Robert Downey Jr. & Billy Crystal. Additionally, well respected & stable Hollywood types are already reaching out to Wheelan to show their support, such as Judd Apatow. Wheelan even makes light of his firing on Twitter. This is simply a a door that has closed, while he awaits for another to open.

  • The Backpack of SNL

    I do not think WIll Wheelan will find a better opportunity anywhere else. SNL brings larges ratings in and has an established fan base. Almost any artist, comedian, or person that stepped on to the Saturday Night Live stage will be rememeber more than those who have not. Will Wheelan will not find that much media attention anywhere else.

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