Brothers Arrested: Should they be for selling a fake Goya and receiving fake cash?

  • Brothers Should Be Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Goya

    Despite receiving counterfeit money for their knock-off Francisco de Goya painting, the brothers who attempted to con art buyers should be jailed for their actions. In theory, the brothers aimed to take advantage of someone looking to purchase a painting. Therefore, they should be jailed for trying to sell counterfeit art. That said, their fines should be lowered since they already paid a significant amount to a middleman who introduced them to the sheikh who conned them. The sheikh should be jailed as well.

  • Yes, receiving fake cash doesn't stop selling a fake Goya from being a crime

    Yes, The fact that the people were selling a piece full knowingly that it was a fake, and in return receiving fake money, doesn't exclude this from being a full on forgery, if the money hadn't been fake the forgers would have still come out with money in their pockets by committing an illegal action.

  • Yes they should

    They bored got what they deserved. They absolutely deserved each other. They were selling a fake painting and fake money was being given to them. The brothers realized they had been tricked when they tried to deposit the money. I think they absolutely got what they deserved. They're all criminals.

  • No they shouldnt be selling the fake Goya in the first place.

    Two Spanish con-men’s attempted sale of a forged Goya painting backfired spectacularly after their client, supposedly a rich Arab sheik, paid them in counterfeit bank-notes worth 1.7 million Swiss Francs.The middleman who had brokered the deal then vanished with the only genuine money in the affair - 300,000 borrowed euros - and, finally, the two con-men themselves were arrested. They shouldn't have been selling the fake Goya in the first place

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