• Yes, if it's paid for like any other pipeline, it should be legal.

    The long awaited beer pipeline in Bruges should be legal if it has been paid for and approved by the correct authorities, like any other pipeline. If it poses a health risk or is not approved by the authorities then that would be a different issue. If they choose to pipe their beer throughout the city, let them pipe that beer.

  • Yes, Bruges should be able to enjoy its beer pipline.

    For one thing, beer is a lot less toxic to the environment than gas and oil, both of which are piped for miles and miles both above the ground and under it. A broken pipeline would be inconvenient, but there won't need to be much of a cleanup, and it won't take very long. And, besides lowering prices by making distribution easier and cheaper and lowering Belgium's carbon footprint, the pipeline won't really put any more beer in the system, thereby contributing to alcoholism, drunk driving and medical issues arising from the use of alcohol.

  • Yes, the Bruges' Beer Pipeline should be legal.

    Yes, the Bruges' Beer Pipeline should be legal because beer is a wonderful thing. Beer makes people think more creatively and eases a lot of the stress of day-to-day life. While we should watch how much we drink, we should also appreciate the fact that we can relax after a long day's work.

  • Of course it should be legal

    Oil has pipelines to transport the liquid, beer should get the same treatment. Beer is a little more important that oil, so I'd even be down for replacing all oil pipelines with beer. Although I wouldn't personally construct this for my business, perhaps the extra attention will make it pay off in the long run.

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