• It's the future

    Yes it is the time that a singer like Bruno Mars is closing to it's age of extinction, you know how easy technology enchance performance, unlike few years ago when people sing and perform with a pure performance of it's singer, and Bruno Mars is that person, the endangered kind of singer.

  • He is like a full package

    He knows how to dance, he can play lots of instruments and he has an amazing voice that can make a lot of jaws to drop. He possessed a good personality and he is very humble. Bruno Mars is like the best in todays time. He is just so magical.

  • Yes he is.

    Yes, Bruno Mars is a very talented performer. He is a seasoned, multi-talented artist at a young age. Bruno Mars does a great job as a singer, dancer, and choreographer. He has a delightful on-screen presence, and he infuses his songs with emotion. His songs make people want to get up and dance. It doesn't matter if he writes his songs or someone else does. He is still a great performer and artist.

  • Bruno Mars is very talented.

    Bruno Mars is an incredibly talented young man with a broad range, a good sense of melody and style and his work indicates a clear knowledge of the history and motifs of music theory. Given all of this, it is not surprising that he is considered to be such a great modern talent.

  • People connect with him.

    In the end, Bruno Mars has a powerful message. He has written some hit songs. He is also an amazing dancer. There are not many artists that can both sing and dance. Mars is one of them. He is friendly with his fans and he encourages them to enjoy his work.

  • He is a real STARBOY

    Bruno Mars is one of the best performers we have. He is one of the very few people who can actually perform live and sometimes his live performances are even better. He is an amazing singer , his dance is too good and he never gets any Media attention because of his personal life or anything like that. He is in fact underrated!!

  • He hides behind glitter like most musicians today.

    Anymore it is about the flash of the show which ANYONE could do if enough money is thrown at an act. The children of today believe in false acts. My proof: turn off the lights and glitter and you will have one BORING performance. So if you think I am FOS, just watch his act and imagine no glitter and no lip syncing. It would be fun to see how fast his followers drop off the page...

  • Bruno Mars is one of the most overrated artists today

    Bruno Mars gives a lot of flashy performances and wears a lot of stylish clothes. These things make him look the part of an epic music artist, but he is really overrated. He opted for mainstream success over innovative artistry early in his career. He is more a product of marketing than a talented artist.

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