Brutally honest cover letter: Is being brutally honest while applying for jobs a good tactic?

  • I like this:

    I think that the concept in question is very sound, it isn't a time waster, it does tell you what the person is willing to do in a succinct manner. I wouldn't call it "brutally honest" as truthfully some of it could have been cut to simply be what it has to be but I have never had trouble in interviews where I was short, to the point, and honest.

    I think that the direct opposite was a bit overbearing but it was a step in a better direction.

  • Being brutally honest for applying job is not a good tactic.

    Being honest is the good things in every human being.But honesty sometimes turns your back in some cases like applying for a job.As you apply for a job the employer always seek a perfect person for their business and organization.If you be honest brutally then you may get disqualify.Honest is important but you should not be brutally honest.Like If they asked you have you been into fight.Every person involves in it.But you should rather say no instead of yes.

  • Not at all!

    No!! The point of a cover letter is to sweeten you up to your possible future employer. Yes, be honest, but not brutally honest. They need to know your work ethic, skills, and how you will be a good employee, but they don't want to hire someone who tells all. As great as it is that someone wants to be honest and make sure they know who they are hiring, unfortunately most businesses don't see it that way.

  • Honesty is Important, but Don't Be Brutal

    It is important to be honest on both your resume and cover letter. Large gaps in employment or overly inflated job descriptions look suspicious, and raise concerns. You don't have to be brutally honest, however. There are some items that don't relate to job duties, and others that the employer simply doesn't need to know. It's OK — recommended even— to not write that you thought your old boss was a jerk and that is why you quit, for example.

  • No, hoensty not always good

    When applying for a job you need to put your best self forward. I don't think that being brutally honst would help you in any way and in fact woudl just hurt you. You need to sell yourself like you are the best person ever and putting anything negative will hurt your chances.

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Formerland1 says2014-08-01T02:14:22.607
It SHOULD be a valuable trait employers look for but it usually ISN'T .