• I chose Buddhism.

    Because at some point you have to realize that a talking snake, and all this fairy tale stuff is completely insane. And for simply being the person that we are, does not make us deserving of eternal torture.
    And if you study your way out of Christianity, you might just find yourself in Buddhism.

  • This is a bland argument.

    I believe in the manner of living your life, the philosophy of buddhism (not the religion itself) is a completing package. It talks about being a lamp on ourself, questioning things presented to us that is when stuff pertains to stuff like "Which is better buddhism or christianity?".
    I believe the philosophy of christianity calls for placing all our trust in a god entity. That is the central idea and no other thing matters not, just deliver your self unto god and you enjoy a blissful stay in heaven for an eternity. This can be a bit far-fectched and kind of a sales man's gimmick. Ofcourse there is the bit about eternal hell for disobedience. So, i don't trust christianity at all by intuition.

  • This isn't a fair argument

    Comparing religions will always erupt into conflict. It shouldn't matter who or what someone believes in. Every religion has it's flaws, and Buddhism and Christianity are no different. Besides, Buddhism can be mixed in with other religions. For example, some people are Jewish and Buddhism at the same time. While they do worship God and attend to their Jewish heritage, they also stay peaceful and follow the philosophies of Buddhism. Buddhism often focuses on how to lead a happy life instead of worrying about whether or not their is a creator, a very wise philosophy. So, if you can't decide between the two, why not have both? They are both mostly peace keeping religions in their own right, and they influence the world greatly. I cannot imagine life without them.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • This is a flawed topic

    The question of this topic is malformed because it fails to provide a clear definition of either Buddhism or Christianity. Christianity for example has thousands of denominations from the liberal Episcopal Church to the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church.

    So instead of comparing the lifestyle and all the different denominations i am going straight to the philosophy and teachings of both at the core.

    The core of the christian philosophy is at least offensively said, simply awfull and disturbing. It teaches that we humans are inherently evil, rebellious, abominations, we do not deserve to be with god and we where almost completely WIPED OFF by god. The only reason why we are still alive is because god allowed his son to be horrifyingly tortured on a cross. And now unless we accept his bloody sacrafice we DESERVE to be tortured and burned in a horrifying place called hell for ETERNITY! Even Hitler's actions where finite this is literally worse than anything any evil human has ever comitted in their life.

    Buddhism on the other hand is far nicer. The core principle of the buddhist philosophy is based on the ultimate freedom, and the exuberance that this freedom is accessible to all. Unlike christianity which promotes worshipping an invisible being and being tortured for eternity if you don't believe in him Buddhism is about finding yourself, it is about striving to become a better person, it provides a code towards hapiness.

    So in short where as Christianity is a totalitarian philosophy that sees human beings as abomnations Buddhism is about freeing oneself. Pretty obvious which one i find better.

  • Buddism is to money based.

    Buddhism is based around values of money and the also the community of getting together and spending lots of money and also arranged marriages. This is a very confined lifestyle, which has not changed much from traditional Buddhists. However Christianity is a very flexible and open religion, which doesn't need a blood line of religious relatives to feel part of the community. Despite the conflicts between some of the bigger denominations, the morals focused on churches such as the Methodist church and the Quakers really give a relaxed and happy community based religion. I personally do not believe in God but I understand people who do.

  • This is not a fair topic.

    Being as how Christians have probably not experienced Buddhism, and Buddhists vise versa. But, from the things I have heard from Buddhists and the experiences I have had as a Christian, Christianity is the righteous religion and lifestyle. It shows us that even though mankind is evil and self-absorbed, the Great Lord loves us and shows us mercy, forgiving all that we have done wrong. Christianity lets you free, because by changing your lifestyle you find so much peace in life, on top of all of the miraculous things God might show you, such as healings, dreams, visions, and much more. I don't know much about Buddhism, but I sure do know that Christianity is the way to go.

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