Buffalo Bills sell for more than $1.1 billion: Were they worth the price?

  • Yes, the Bills were worth the money!

    Every time a professional sports franchise is bought and sold, there will be those who say the price was too high, that those who live in this world live too far removed from reality. But the fact is that many of these are the same people who can be found glued to their television sets or even in attendance on game day. Indeed, there is arguably no other segment of our many pop culture subcultures that does a better job of carrying us to great heights of elation than do professional sports, and for its strong mass appeal and intoxicating effect, the sometimes extraordinary dollar figures associated with the business are worth every penny.

  • Yes, if the price kept in Buffalo, NY.

    The team's home is in Buffalo, NY. Any price that would whisk them away to another location undervalues the teams worth to their fans -- that would obviously want them to stay put. However, if any selling price less than Forbes noted value of 870 million were offered for the team to stay put, relocation would've evident. 1.1 billion isn't over the top and keeps the team at home in Buffalo, NY.

  • Buffalo Bills Were Worth It

    The Buffalo Bills were bought by Terry and Kim Pegular, owners of the Buffalo Sabres, for $1.1 billion recently. This is surely a record price and it has been the source of some controversy, as Forbes estimated the team to only be worth $935 million. I contend that the price was worth it to keep the team in town. Fans were worried that another sale might have moved the team away. A sports team is worthless without its fans and the fans are, I'm sure, thrilled that their Bills will remain in Buffalo.

  • Buffalo Bill's Sell for 1.1Billion ? Yes that says BILLION

    The only reason that Terry Pegula purchased the team is to allow him to make money and to keep it out of Toronto. With Sabres not doing great in the NHL, he needed another team that he could try and get to the winners circle. The Bills, while a favorite of the home towner's havent made it to the Super Bowl in how long ? Have they even mad the playoffs in the last few years ? I dont think so.

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