• Bugatti is faster

    The Chiron, Which will be revealed this week at the Geneva International Motor Show, Is the improbable successor to the Veyron, The most extreme automobile ever built. The Veyron was an ode to excess, The fastest, Most powerful, Most lavishly appointed motor car available at any price. Its specifications are legendary: 1, 200 horsepower, A top speed of 268. 9 mph, And an average price of $2. 6 million. Bugatti sold every one it built—450 in all—and, The story goes, Lost money on every last one of them. But profit was never the point. The Veyron was born of one man's relentless pursuit of the best, Regardless of time or cost. It was a vehicle to appease the unappeasable.

  • McLaren Is Better Than Bugatti

    McLarens look better. Their designs are more attractive, Universal, Modern, Elegant, Aerodynamic, And sleek. Yet, They also look more casual, And less unusual in an awkward way.

    McLarens are also easier to manufacture, And repair on. And when it comes to top performance rankings and opinions, For myself, It is usually never about "Top speed. " It is mostly about handling and breaking. McLarens have better braking rates than Bugattis. And McLarens have far more advanced handling statistics than Bugattis.

    Unless if you're really obsessed with top speeds that are difficult to obtain in most tracks or highways (due to weather, Wind, Turning curves, Or especially traffic), Handling is more to consider than top speed. So McLaren is better in looks, Performance, And easier maintenance.

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