• It's awful and should be banned

    I don't know how this is still going on. I feel sorry for the bull. They are non aggressive animals and are treated like crap. Shame on the people involved. I hope it is banned. Nothing but animal cruelty. They put them in darkness two days before. They must be terrified. Amen

  • Bullfighting, why do people like it?

    Its a "sport" that is so cruel for the bulls that are forced to take part in a fight, more like their death as they are tortured terribly before the fight by doing many things to the bulls like rubbing Vaseline in the bulls eyes so they are partially blind and cant see, they rub a chemical on their legs so they cant sit down and are unstable on their hooves, they keep the bull in the dark so that when the gate opens the bull runs into the light only to meet its death and they also do sop much more to make the bulls life a misery and die in a harsh way

  • Its cruel and animal torture

    Bullfighting constitutes animal torture because it is exactly the suffering of the animal from which the entertainment of the crowd is drawn, and the level of suffering inflicted is on the level of that caused by torture.The want of humanity even in modern bullfighting is shown by the sadistic cruelties inflicted on the bullsAt the end of the fight, the bull may not be yet dead while his body parts are cut-off to be kept as trophies. Spanish bull breeders receive EU agricultural subsidies, meaning that, in the EU, taxpayers' money from all countries (not just those with legal bullfighting) goes to support this terrible industry.If a creature suffers then there can be no moral justification for refusing to take that suffering into consideration. All animals are sentient beings that experience joy, happiness, fear and pain, in the same way that human beings do. As Bentham previously noted, it does not matter that they cannot express this suffering in the same way as humans can (by speaking about it) or reason about their suffering in the same way -the important thing is that they can suffer in the first place. We can have no right whatsoever to make them suffer for our 'enjoyment'.

  • Yes it should be banned

    There are no words to explain the barbaric killing of the animals . These poor animals are treated like this because of the unhealthy thinking of humans! I think it should be banned . We do not have a right to kill anyone whether it be an animal or a human.

  • Yes it should be banned

    The poor bull is mistreated and weaken before a fight.
    There drugged and hit. As well as having vasiline smeared into there eyes, or there horns shaved which makes them extremely sensitive to pain. This is not a fair fight the fighter purposely fighting a weak and defenseless animal. Its unfair anyway you look at it.

  • It is disgusting.

    This form of blood sport, in my opinion, is disgusting to the highest degrees . A helpless animal is subjected to taunts and jeers and then
    ultimately killed is not what I would consider good. It should be banned
    completely. Animals are deserving of respect too. They have feelings

  • I do eat meat, but..

    This sort of savagery and cruelty is not worthy of our modern age. To torture a poor animal in a show to entertain folks in a circus is something I wouldn't deem possible when the spectators are educated people of Europe. It's sickening, wrong and unfair to the poor beast. And yet the "brave torero" struts about as if he had done some heroic act, by torturing a handicapped beast with a slow death.
    End this madness! The Spaniards' tradition can persist, but it must be altered. Running of the bulls is something thrilling and enjoyable (sure, it's dangerous) but people can partake it at their own risk. There's no need to cruelly hack the bulls to their deaths after that.

  • Yes it is abuse

    Bullfighting is animal abuse. Why cant bulls live there own life instead of getting hurt just because the people have nothing else better to do. Bull fighting is mean and not right to the aniamls. Its need to stop and it needs to stop now i dont care what other people think it needs to stop

  • Yes, it is cruel and should be banned

    It is certainly a sport that would cause death of either the dancer or the bull. This is simply torture to amuse people. But if we were to ban it, it would be impossible since it is to late and it became a culture of Spain. (This is my opinion)

  • Yes, And Everything Else Like It, Too

    Bullfighting is public torture for public amusement. However, it is just as bad as dogfighting and chicken fighting. There's a different serious problem, though. A lot of these animal bloodsports come from cultural heritages. So, there needs to be outreach and educational efforts on why things like bullfighting are unethical.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Is cool and fun

    It sopposed to not be banned because is a realy famous tradition and a lot of places in the world practice it. That kind of bull you cant eat so there is no purpose of letting them live. A lot of people that work in the events will loos their jobs and they will not get money.

  • No it is a tradition

    Bull fighting is a natural cultural heritage for Spain and Portugal through out the years of history it generates public money for Spain and many jobs for the people of Spain and helped created the modern American rodeo also it is a mercy killing for the bull and the matadors have the option to spare the bull.

  • Its a TRADITION!

    Bullfighting is an art that has been around for far too long to be lost in the politics. Its an art and the fighters train for years. They are brave and they live for for the show. This tradition should not be lost just because some people are having issues with the gore.

  • Regulation is Okay for bull fights, but a full ban is unwarranted

    Thinking of Spain, where bullfights are a culture, to destroy a culture that has been going on for around 400 years is to destroy a small, if not large, piece of Spanish culture. Bulls bred for bull fighting are actually given great lives, and according to a friend of mine, the bull is normally killed so that it doesn't feel that much pain.

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