• Of course it is:

    Bullfighting (La corrida) for many is misunderstood. It is a very regimented traditional activity. Those who understand it, get it. Those not exposed to the knowledge of what bullfighting is are generally opposed to it out of ignorance. There are many things that take place at a bullfight, not just the killing of the bull.

  • Bullfighting necesary for spain

    Yes, Bullfighting does torture the animal before entering the ring. However, is it any better than horse racing and bull riding in the USA? No, they are not stabbed, but they live a horrendous life while being used for entertainment. I am not justifying bullfighting in Spain, but we also in the USA torture animals for sport. You think pulling a cows man-parts in order to get him mad and flip riders more(yes, that's done)? Before criticizing Spain, look at your own country first. Also, economically, the end of bull fighting would ruin Spain. Unemployment rates would sore because thousands of people depend on bullfighting as their income. I do think its is cruel, but its necesary for spains economy

  • Bullfighting is ok

    Bullfighting should be allowed to continue in spain. Yes, they torture the animal, but is it any better than bullriding and horse racing in the Usa?
    Although not killed, the life of these animals are just as awful. Also, how many cows are butchered each year in the usa? Although the bulls are tortured in spain, they will make a meal out of them anyway. Also, bullfighting is huge economically in spain. Unemployment would skyrocket in the already struggling spain. Thousands upon thousands of jobs would be lost

  • Bull fighting is inhumane

    How can anyone want to watch a beautiful animal be subjected to such a barbaric farce? The bull is almost always on a hiding to nothing. Sport is a voluntary activity and the bull certainly does not want to be there. The real beasts are the spectators who still fuel this cruelty, They should be ashamed of themselves. How can such disgusting traditions still exist in a modern world.

  • Sadistic perverted cowardice

    You get a couple of asholes who are safe on horseback to severely wound an animal and when it is in agony bleeding profusely from wounds inflicted you jump in and play with it in its madness before you try to kill it with a sword and torment it in its death throws. Dressed in silly little costumes and pink tights, it's absolutely rddiculouse and downright cruel

  • Does anyone know the real torture

    Bull fighting is one of the most ridiculously inhumane sports known to mankind the torture these bulls go through is unbelievable, undeniable and unacceptable. These bulls are starved, drugged they even get Vaseline smeared over their eyes to stop the from seeing the actual matador enough to be able to kill him.

  • No, bullfighting is not humane.

    Bull fighting is barbaric and completely senseless and unnecessary. Just because something is a tradition doesn't mean that it is intelligent or appropriate. Bull fighters are gored and trampled and maimed and killed and bulls are tortured for long periods of time before often succumbing to their injuries or being put down.

  • Bullfighting is inhumane

    Bullfighting involves teasing an angered bull, then killing it. In the event that the bull gets the better of the fighter, he becomes injured or killed for the sake of entertainment. Bullfighting is a sad and unnecessary practice that exists for entertainment. People want thrills, as long as they aren't at risk, but they have no problem with someone else putting themselves at risk, and slaughtering animals for the sake of sport.

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