Bullfighting: Is bullfighting acceptable in modernity, or should it be banned?

  • Cruelty and it goes against the number one Golden Rule!!

    Treat others as you would want to be treated. That bull can clearly feel pain and the bull is at a huge disadvantage! It is drugged before it goes into the arena and beaten days before it is let out into the ring. And the worst thing is there is winning is not a option for the bull. If the bull injures the matador severely or even kills him/her the bull is deemed as a dangerous animal and must be killed anyway. It is absolute brutality and teaches our younger generations violence and exploitation of other creatures is okay

  • It Should Be Banned

    Bullfighting is barbaric, and it is just as barbaric as pit fighting dogs against each other. While some people in the animal rights movement go too far, this is a case of common sense. It is never good to stage brutality and carnage for the sake of spectacle and entertainment.

  • Grow the hell up already!

    I have to admit, I love watching morons get gored by bulls. If you're so brain dead that you need
    to step into an arena with a 2,000 pound animal just to fulfill some misplaced sense of superiority or belonging, then you deserve every ounce of agony you get. And don't give me this stupid line about tradition. Cross burnings and clubbing baby seals are tradition, too. That doesn't mean they're right or appropriate. The tradition argument is a stupid argument.

  • No, It Should Not Be Banned, Bullfighting is Ok for People Who Want To

    People should have the freedom to bullfight and watch bullfighting if they want to. It has existed for many centuries, and for those centuries, people have used animals to do their work, and also for their entertainment. If some people choose not to support bullfighting, they do not have to attend events or otherwise support it, but it should be the consumer's choice, not something that other people impose on them or tell them they can't do.

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