Bullfighting: Is bullfighting decent (yes) or does it verge on animal torture (no)?

  • Sure if you do it HUMANELY

    If the bull isn't harmed like how they used to do it before where they had the red cape and used to just dodge instead of having swords and killing the bull it shall be fine I
    To bad people don't have hearts like Manolo from the book of life ....

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  • Yes, If Done Humanely

    In Spain, the culture of bullfighting follows a long tradition of respecting the bull. Rather than hurt it, and eventually kill it, bullfighters simply fight the bull to entertain, making sure that the animal remains unharmed. If a humane approach is taken to bullfighting, it can be a wonderful way to honor culture and heritage.

  • No... It's.... Not.

    Guys.. How do you like the idea of a bunch of people breeding cattle and then putting them in an arena. Aggravating them by sticking sharp sticks into their bodies until the bulls attack and then the people stick so many things into them that they die of bloodloss.

    How is that not stupid and cruel?

    We are animals. We have animals cells. We are not in the class Plantae of Eubacteria or whatever.

    We are simply animals. Yes, we are the smartest of the animals. But we are also really stupid.

    They don't think that killing other creatures and making them feel pain is fun. It is stupid that we are. I don't see the difference between this and smashing kittens heads in with the heels of your shoes.

    People do this kind of thing because they enjoy it. Who in their right minds loves to watch a bunch of animals bleeding to death?

    Sick bastards... That's who.

    I am a peskitarian. I only eat fish grown in farms that isn't hurting any wildlife. I drink milk and eat eggs. But nothing else...

    I don't think people enjoy killing cattle or milking cows. It's not a wonderful profusion. People eat it because they believe that it helps them. *it doesn't, by the way, as long as you get necessary vitamins from other things*

    But, since people believe that it will help them live, than it is forgivable. Killing animals for sport is not forgivable. It is meaningless suffering.

    It is like sacrifice. We are not giving it to a deity in exchange for forgiveness... But it still is the same. We are killing animals for no reason.

    You are an animals. We are animals. Humans, us, are the smartest of all of the animals, true. But we are also the evilest of all of he animals. Just like the pigs in animal farm.

    ResistsSimplicity, by the way, It is not animal cruelty if you don't save all of the animals off of the streets or in shelters. It is impossible. The massage of animals are almost infinite. Just as if you see a person being robbed of the streets, it is not against the law to run away. Because people get scared. It is, a crime though, if you hired the person to rob and assault another. Just in bullfighting, you are paying someone to murder animals.. For no reason. You fueled them. It is your fault. This is why is is completely stupid to let people kill animals for no reason at all.

  • Violent and Unfair!

    Bullfights are not "fair fights" between a bull and a matador, but highly staged forms of animal cruelty, sanctioned and subsidized by governments. These outdated spectacles perpetuate the idea that injuring and killing an animal for amusement is acceptable. With attendance at an all-time low and bans enacted by several countries and cities, bullfighting is on the decline; yet events still take place in Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico. HSI is focusing in particular on ending government use of public funds to support the bullfighting industry. In addition, we are working to end child bullfighting. Every year, approximately 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights. The animals are stabbed multiple times before suffering slow, agonizing deaths in front of an audience, including children. Animal cruelty is not entertainment

  • Really not necessary and very inhuman

    A life, regardless if it is human or animal has to be respected. If shows like gladiators and roman (public) torture were still present, they would not be legal, due to the universal declaration of human rights. Animals don't have rights like these and can be easily slaughtered and tortured for leisure reasons. Killing animals for food is totally normal, and only for the matter of a basic human need: eating. Leisure and entertainment are far below eating in a list of human needs. I am not against bullfighting, but against the stabbing, swords and other torture instruments. Just playing with the bull is fine, and should be fun, but things like cutting of its ears and tail is something that makes this tradition even more sick. Maybe if it was not so violent and unfair, I would be in favor of bullfighting.

  • Definitely verging on toture.

    Bullfighting has been around for quite sometime but it is definitely verging on animal torture. The point of bullfighting is to get the animal mad. Things are done that gets the animal worked up and angry. If it was done to dogs, it would be outlawed and considered torture. Why are bulls any different?

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