Bullies should be punished for their actions ?

Asked by: MSLuciano
  • Bullies shouldn't be punished

    They shouldn't be punished because they are hurting others taking out anger that may or may not be aimed on them. We shouldn't only focus on the the victim but focus on the bully more and find out the reason why they are hurting innocent people because it may be serious.

  • Bullies are mean

    I think bullies should get punished for their action because they need to learn how to respect the community and by doing that i feel like they should take classes and if the the teachers that are doing the classes should at the end do a test so they can see if they learn what they need to learn.

  • Bullies should be punished

    Bullies should be punished so they can learn from their actions. If you just tell them to stop they don't learn. If you give them a consequence and tell them what they did wrong. They will learn from their mistakes. It's not fair to the victim because if they are getting bullied constantly. They want the bully to stop and get in trouble. So again if a bully gets in trouble and you tell them to stop they will continue. But if you tell them what they did and tried to help them grow. They probably stop bullying. So I think bullies should get a consequence so they can learn.

  • Bullies Should be Punished

    Bullies should be punished, because they are threatening students/children, hurting them, and making them do serious things to themselves like suicide and self harm. I believe that bullies should have to have their parents called and come in to the school given a detention and have to deal with higher authorities.

  • Bullies should be punished

    Victor: they make people kill them self they hurt one a other so i think bullies should have a consequences for what they do to there on community and its not fare that bullies just get too keep doing it and they should have to get a consequences for what they do.

  • Yes bullies should be punished but helped

    Bullies should be punished because they need to learn that bullying is bad and causes others pain ,they should be punished but also helped since they might be bullying for a reason and they might start bullying again so they must be helped so they don't bully again and their problem be possibly solved.

  • Yes bullies should be punished for their actions.

    Bullies are doing these things for attention some even do it to look cool to other people. Punishments can vary from making bullies even more mad or making them stop. To me something like prison is to far ,but something subtle could work but it really needs to state that they are doing is wrong. B.C

  • They should be punished!!

    I think that they should get punished because if the are not taught or talked to about how the other person feels then they will just keep going and possibly get even worse. Another thing is that if they get punished then at the same time they should talk to them about how the other person might feel and ask them how would they feel if they got bullied because if not then they will keep doing it and won't get bothered about getting punished anymore. .K.E.

  • Yes they should

    I think that The bullies should be punished because,The bullies hurt other people and make those people suffer and make them kill themselves.The other reason is because the bullies take it to far like making the people cry and be embarrassed and not telling in adult.The people that suffer should tell an adult

  • In my opinion

    I believe that bullies should be punished because what they are doing is not right and it is very rude the way they should be punished is making them learn about what they are doing and how they are making the victim feel.Also to make better changes to what they do.Bullies are very rude and they can change with just a couple of lessons on how to change and why they should.

  • NO! Bullies are humans!

    Bullies should not be punished for bullying because they might be going threw a hard time. Sometimes we need to understand what they are going threw, You don't know what goes on in their house, you don't know what they might be going threw. Open your mind and realize they might be getting bullied too!

  • Should they? NOO!

    Bullies should not be punished for their actions because most of the time, bullies have problems at home and they are struggling to get help. We don't know what they are going through. Once you begin to put your feet in there shoes, you will see what they are going through. Despite the fact that some of them do it just to be jerks, we can teach bullies how to prevent bullying and give them services to help them out

  • Survival of the fittest

    It's a world where might makes right, so if your little special snowflake of a child can't handle the bullies at school how the hell will they handle the real world? If anything we should encourage bullying in order to make our kids fierce and strong willed. Like our ancestors before us.

  • No they shouldent

    Even though there not in the right thay might have problems at home like a relative died or frends and famley dont talk to hi or her anymore. I have been bulled my whole life and even though that happends i still dont think thay should be punished. Thats why i sayno.

  • Stuff and other Stuff

    They are cool and don't have a family or friends they hate them cause Lucky Charms cereal is pretty good if you know what I mean. Wink. I think that people that get bullied should stop being so ugly. And these are my last 7 words needed to submit stuff.

  • I believe that

    The bullies shouldn't get bullied for bullying someone because it's not really teaching the bully anything and him/she is not really learning from it. I also think no because no one is born a bully, kids have been bullied at home or treated badly at home so kids tend to take their anger out on other kids. I think people should just talk to the bully and help them understand what he/she is doing is not right but also like the article says have special classes for them where they would be able to solve their problems by telling other people why they are doing what their doing.

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kitloin says2016-03-22T14:33:01.577
If you say STOP they do not stop so you need more brute force