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This is NEVER okay! Get a grip!

  What is this? ! So you think bullying is funny? ! I think you should head back to school and get yourself educated. We already have enough bad people in our society, People like you! I urge you to stay out of this. I see those bullies as insecure fools. Why? Because they lack the ability to form meaningful connections with others. In the inside, They are afraid because they don't want others to see them as weak and miserable people. So, They try their hardest creating a fake mask(s), Acting tough on the outside. Do you want to be like them? I hope NOT. Make the right decisions. The future is yours. Choose wisely.
Jader says2020-04-18T03:05:19.140
100% well said @benjamin_m! Absolutely. We need more people like you to care for each other, NOT destroy each other.
benjamin_m says2020-04-19T02:59:09.347
Is that all you got to say @Sven-Olof_Lindholm? Next time maybe pre-prepare a few talking points before you argue on something. Swearing and cursing won't help you or even get you far at all in debates, That I can tell you.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-08T11:24:20.887
? I made my points in my answer you imbecile.
If you let words get too you that much then grow the f*ck up, Offense is taken not given.
Jader says2020-05-10T08:51:41.600
Dude, Back off!
SuperReader says2020-05-11T03:19:04.223
If you think that is even remotely one of the words things @Sven-Olof_Lindholm, You are mistaken. Also, Great argument @benjamin_a!
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