Bullying is funny, Good, Entertaining and for superior people

  • don't be a pussy

    I support bullying it makes kids tough and riddles out the weak ones don't wanna get bullied then bully the bully, We can make exeptions for crippled kids, Retards and lets not bully someone because of race gender or sexuality but bully some one based on appearance or their ay of thinking

  • The last vestige of natural selection.

    Bullying is just a extension of natural selection, The weak ones are picked on and the strong prevail.

    A weakling who is bullied will either have to man up or take the pussy way out and commit suicide. So either you get a stronger individual or one less weakling in the world.

    It is elemental in this modern world where the gene pool has gotten all the more dirtied and polluted as subhumans are able to keep living due to the comforts of modern society.

  • Bullying of any form can never be justified.

    Bullies often grow up to become sadists who do not have a proper personality and are insecure. Do we need these type of people to hold important posts in the future? Bullying a weak person is not proof of the superiority of any person, Rather it shows how shallow the person is that he or she needs to trouble others in order to feel good. A person should not be treated badly just because he or she is different.

  • This is NEVER okay! Get a grip!

    What is this? ! So you think bullying is funny? ! I think you should head back to school and get yourself educated. We already have enough bad people in our society, People like you! I urge you to stay out of this. I see those bullies as insecure fools. Why? Because they lack the ability to form meaningful connections with others. In the inside, They are afraid because they don't want others to see them as weak and miserable people. So, They try their hardest creating a fake mask(s), Acting tough on the outside. Do you want to be like them? I hope NOT. Make the right decisions. The future is yours. Choose wisely.

  • Bruh wth why

    Why would you bully someone? Its rlly mean don't bully ppl adsfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfa f fjid d fad f df hia hddf daif hadh f uiahs d f a d hsfiah difh ais ddia i faidhif aisd fhiaisdh fiau iiu dia i di iud id si daiu diaf i adh fahsdl fjah d

  • What is wrong with you?

    You are a horrible person! Why would you think that it's okay? You should be the one getting bullied, So that you knew how it felt. You honestly disgust me. What do you mean "superior? " In what way could you possibly be superior to anybody when you are obviously nothing more than a troll on the internet?

  • The person who made this poll is a f***ing asshole

    You don't just bully someone on something they can't control, Like their appearance or how they act. Some people can't control how they act and they could already be having so much trouble at home or at other places. Some people don't have the time to deal with certain things and if you think bullying is ok you should go burn in f***ing hell.

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