Bullying is one of the worst things to ever be invented or thought of

  • Of course, Bullying is one of the worst things to ever be thought of

    Bullying is a very horrendous thing to go through and to even do! Most people get bullied because, They get judged for who they are, For how they look, For their intelligence levels etc. Every human is born with a special talent of their own and should never be judged for who they are. Thus bullying should never be done and never be gone through.

  • Yes, Ofc it is.

    Many people try to justify bullying by saying it helps expose you to the evilness. You might as well say stealing is good beacuse it exposes you to the evilness of losing possessions. So yea, Bullying should be considered a crime and offenders should go to jail. I believe that is justice.

  • Bullying is one other problem in this world that we don't need, It breaks humans

    It breaks our emotional barrier and changes us into monsters that we can't control. It is one of the reasons for suicide and isolation. If you say yes then you are a good person, But if you say no, Your a horrible human and you need to be taught the right way to treat someone.

  • Listen, I'm not stupid. I oppose bullying. But I disagree with the statement

    Yes of course, I oppose bullying, And I believe it is a horrible things to tease, Judge or make fun of someone because of looks, Intellingence, Race etc. However, It is natural. Most kids that bully are insecure themselves. I am sure all of you make fun of someone time to time, It is normal, But most people keep it to themselves or just say it as banter. Some people just have to express it or seriously hate the person.
    What I am trying to say is that, We can never get rid of bullying, We can reduce it to slim level, But we can't get rid of it. Bullying was never invented, Nobody just thought up - "I'm just going to make fun of that guy because he is a slow runner and no other reason". It is natural and is embedded in all humans, Most people just understand that bullying is mean and can seriously damage a person, Physically or mentally. Those who can't understand that, Unfortunately, Is what makes a bully. Hope I make sense.

  • Bullying is natural, Not created

    Bullying gives the bully power, Which all humans crave. Everyone tries to grasp power in some way, Shape or form, And the bullies use bullying to do this. In today's society, Bullying is unacceptable, And I agree. However, To think that it was invented or thought of is ridiculous. It comes natural and cannot be created like a machine or invention can.

  • This is stupid

    We did not "invent" bullying, Bullying came about through human interactions same as smiles lies and questioning.
    Besides bullying only hurts feelings the victims of bullying have a voice that they can use if they choose to do so you wanna know what's actually worse murder.
    Murder victims can't stand up and say I don't like being murdered because their dead.
    A victim of bulling still has a choice to raise their voice a corpse has no such luxury.

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