• Yes it does

    Bullying is a big part of life, Whether you are in school or working at a job, You will always have to deal with bullies. If kids are always protected against bullies, They will have no clue what to do when they face reality. Im not saying we should encourage bullies but parents should definitely encourage their child to take care of it themselves by talking with them, Confronting them, Etc and should only intervene when the situation starts to escalate. Obviously the child's feelings are gonna be hurt but in doing so, They will learn a life skill and not grow up to be a snowflake.

  • Depends on the person

    Being bullied is a big part of why I got into bodybuilding and I am very happy I did. I think it depends on the person and the situation. For some people it ruins them and for some it strengthens them. That is not to say it is ok to bully someone, However.

  • No it shatters most people

    Some people have inner strength and bullying does not effect them. They were already tough and the bullying just revealed it.
    Most people cannot take bullying and it shatters them.
    That is like saying you should dose children with radioactive waste because some can develop super powers. That freak already was different, But the radiation revealed their power. The rest of the people lost their hairs and died of radiation.
    Do you see how bullying is not good for everyone. There are better ways to strengthen and toughen up people that have a better success rate.

  • Kind of the opposite in todays society

    Even a couple decades ago, You could stand up to a bully and earn your self respect. Today if your being bullied and beat the kid up, Its an automatic arrest and lawsuit(trust me I know from experience, Spent years in court and thousands of dollars cause of a few assholes! ). I had to learn to not retaliate, But it just encourages bullying. Even when you fight back they won, Because most are spoiled little bitches who don't care about getting arrested or wasting their shitty parents money in court(also know that from experience).

  • Bullying doesn't really make kids stronger

    Many people seem to think so but in most cases it isn't making kids stronger or "tougher. "

    Most become depressed, Develop anxiety, Develop eating disorders, Self-harm, Feel suicidal, Avoid school, Decreasing grades (if they were getting good grades before) and a host of other mental health, Behavioural, And emotional issues.

    While a select few of kids such as those with autism, Intellectual disability, Down syndrome, Among other special needs may get bullied and they may or may not understand what's going on. Or- if they are being bullied and realize it, It's even harder for them to go to someone to tell them either because they be non-verbal, Have limited communication, Or are not believed.

  • No it doesn't

    Sure it can teach them how to deal with lives jerks, But outside of that it doesn't toughen up kids. The bad it does far outweighs the good. There are better ways of teaching hardship than bullying. True it depends on the person, But in the end we need to stop relying on "bullying to toughen up kids". Not everyone is able to handle the stress of bullying and that's why at times we see the bad stuff.

  • No it doesn't

    The only thing it accomplishes for the bullied person is to have a lower self esteem. This might even be so bad to the point where the bullied might become the bully in the future. It will make kids more ashamed of themselves about the thing or things that they are being bullied for.

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