Burger king is cutting use of antibiotics in superbug fight: Is this the right decision?

  • Antibiotics as an ingredient for our food?

    The decision for Burger King to even use antibiotics in their menu items is certainly controversial, let alone the decision as to suspend their use in the first place. It is understandable that Burger King felt obligated to provide safety measures within their food chain, but most likely on the basis of being temporary. I believe that this is a highly controlled situation that should be used in very strict control, in a very limited fashion.

  • It could already be too late

    People have been abusing antibiotics at an astronomical level over the past few decades, which have already caused the evolution of several antibiotic resistant super bugs in hospitals. It is definitely about time that people and corporations started taking responsibility for their actions, I just hope we aren't already too late.

  • Yes, Burger King's cutting antibiotics is the right decision.

    Yes, Burger King's cutting antibiotics is the right decision. Overuse of antibiotics is causing lots of problems in children as well as adults. They are less able to fight diseases and their bodies are all-around less healthy. Burger King should be applauded for their efforts and other restaurants should follow suit.

  • This is not a great decision

    This is not a great decision. People do not realize that the reason livestock is given antibiotics is because the animals can get very sick otherwise and quickly get thousands of other animals sick as well. Although humans might be better off without the antibiotics, there is also a lot of risk involved too.

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