Burning of the national flag in any circumstance should be outlawed.

Asked by: en1gma
  • Its highly ofensive.

    Every country has a good and a bad side. People shouldn't be stoped from protesting, but burning a flag is a whole step down. When people protest they usualy have a reason for it eg: (high taxes, low wages, unemployment ), they recognize the good side want improvement on the bad side. However when you burn a flag you insult not only the country but the people in it and that country's legacy na contrubution to mankind.

  • It's an attack on the country they are in.

    The burning of a national flag is an attack on the country as a whole. If people burn their national flag - they are showing utter contempt for that country. If they feel such a way about the country they are in, they should not stay in that country. If they are willing to reject their country, their country should reject them.

  • It's not freedom of expression. Its hate speech.

    Burning the national flag is a practice in which we Americans go through when getting rid of an old flag. Flags are also burnt as a sign of rebellious protest, and are usually perceived as freedom of speech. Regardless of the circumstance, burning the national flag should be outlawed, and legislators should overturn this ruling.

  • "In any circumstance"

    The motion says "Burning of the national flag in any circumstance should be outlawed." No where does it say, someone burns it down. This may be a silly argument but think about it. Say someone has a house fire that isn't their fault (Faulty wires/Outlets, someone [not in household] leaving a burning cigarette, etc.)and it rages and happens to burn down a national flag. Now this person is arrested for something they couldn't control. What about the fire department in this situation? Have the fire fighters committed an offence by not stopping the fire in time to save a national flag? If we do agree with the motion, all parties mentioned would be charged with a criminal offence, simply because of bad luck or something out of their control.

  • The flag should be burned, if at the right time.

    When flags grow old (and yes they grow old too), they start to need to retire. It's just as if a man who has lived his life, and wants to be done with working, he retires. The Flag deserves to be treated like a person that we respect. When the flag gets old, it retires, and we burn it. This is just showing respect. If it was not showing respect, the military would have quit the retirement of flags a long time ago. The retirement of the flag is just as important as raising the flag every morning, taking it down every evening, and flying it half-mast when their was a terrorist attack or someone important died.

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