• GoPro, like any company, can recover from bad PR, if it's handle properly.

    GoPro, like any company, can recover from bad PR assuming the issues are properly handled. However GoPro was on a bubble, simply the company was oversold given the amount of revenue it earns. To company it expect to grow by 31 percent in 2015, yet GoPro shares were trading at 95 times expected 2015 earnings.

  • Young Companies can Recover Because of Quick Turnover

    Young companies (start-ups) can have a very quick turnover rate of their personnel; therefore, they can recover from bad PR, because often the people associated with the bad PR will be out in the next year or so (or even sooner, should the company desire). Also, young companies are not entrenched in their ways, and can make changes to controversial policies much faster than established companies.

  • With a good product a company can recover

    The GoPro bubble was bound to burst because the stock went up so far and so fast. This change should be considered a correction to what it should be as opposed to an actual negative event. The reason that GoPro's stock went up in the first place still exists, however. GoPro makes a good product that people like. That fact is not going away, so while it may hurt the company in the short term to have stock prices dropping, in the long term they can survive this speed bump.

  • Bad P.R. Is Reversable

    The march of radio, TV, print and online media can reverse any bad P.R. In recent years, we see freelance writers, copywriters, marketing gurus and the like transforming the traditional consumerism to new heights. We see new and new products flooding the market and becoming vital - due to best marketing positioning and behavioral modeling - for the everyday life of the nation. Who can imagine the need of Google Glass 10 years ago. And look now they have a steady flow of fans. Take for example Apple 6 bent issue and know what the sales of the phone are at historic heights, never the less the bent issue.

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