Bursting the Wall Street bubble: Is Wall Street unfair to the little investor in a small town?

  • Investing is hard for middle class

    Investing is hard for middle class and low income individuals because of flat commissions companies charge to buy stocks, a stock that would cost 2 dollar would be 15 dollars because of brokers comission, wealthy traders can usually get comission free deals directly with the company instead of a middle man. ALso taxes highly favor a wealthy individual who knows how to exploit loopholes in the capital tax.

  • Small Town Investors Have Acess to Less Market Information about Wall Street

    Market Information is asymmetric and the access to it is unequal amongst market players. The so called small town investor or every investor apart from the big investment banks, hedge funds and multinational corporations and the likes armored with huge funds, enormous analytical departments and immediate access at top level to Wall Street Companies executives and high rank tax and state officials are a lot more efficient in making the right and informed market decisions, receiving latest market information, foreseeing trends and hedging exposure through diversified and complex financial derivatives.

  • Yes, I think Wall Street is massively unfair.

    Yes, I think Wall Street is massively unfair. They don't play by the same rules as the rest of us do in the real world. I think Wall street seems to gamble allot its more like Las Vegas there now. I feel that a small investor is better off just saving their money.

  • Yes, I think they are.

    There was a recent expose on how wall street traders are cutting in line and getting the best deals over small non-institutional investors. This is a very disturbing fact because the people who need the gains the most are often small time retirement investors that don't have the access like larger investors do.

  • No, not really

    There's a difference between being unfair to a group and not caring about it, Wall Street is the latter. Small investors can still do well on the market if they take the time to learn what to do and what not to, there's nothing that prevents them. Wall Street just isn't as eager to help them figure it out.

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