Bus breaks on the way to the inauguration: Is a Presidential inauguration worth making a trip to Washington DC?

  • Yes, in general it is.

    Yes, a presidential inauguration is a historical event that many people want to be a part of. If an individual feels strongly enough about an incoming president and has the chance to attend an inauguration, it's probably worth it to make the effort to attend. An inauguration is history in the making.

  • It is historic.

    It doesn't matter if you're a fan of Trump or not, it's amazing to be able to see a peaceful transition of power. It's so exciting to see America showing the world what a free country is. Even if the bus breaks down, it's still exciting to get to the inauguration and see it all happen.

  • Yes, its worth making the trip to DC.

    A presidential inauguration is worth making the trip to Washington DC if you are happy about the inauguration. Unfortunately, sometimes there are problems along the way: vehicles breakdown, running into large crowds, expensive travel costs. However, to those that want to attend, the trip to DC is well worth it.

  • It depends on the candidate whether it is worth the trip to D.C. or not

    Personally I would not make the trip to D.C. to see Trump's inauguration. Unless it was a person's life goal or dream to attend an inauguration, it could just as easily be seen on television or now several social media and news outlets. However, this may be a great trip for a school group.

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