Bus of immigrants turned away: Will the US getting stricter with its immigration policy?

  • Time to think more carefully

    Although any reasonable person can sympathise with those who want to come to the US for a better life, there comes a time when we need to think about what we're doing. With the economy still looking bleak, and so many people desperately in need of work - or worse, working for very little - we must make sure that we have something to gain, as well as something to offer, before we admit more people. In an ideal world, we wouldn't need to, but we don't live in an ideal world.

  • They better get stricter

    The american people are overwhelmingly sick of this immigration issue. Any poll you see from any research institute whether partisan or not, shows people do NOT want illegal immigration. They even want legal immigration reduced.

    The way you solve this is to start deporting illegals and sending a message to others that want to come here.

  • Yes, I think they will.

    With the number of countries that are increasingly getting more hostile to their own citizens I think we will see an increase in immigrants to this country and I think because of this our laws will become more strict. Parents are sending children to this country alone hoping that they won't be deported. It is a very sad situation but I think we will see more strict policies in the future.

  • Protests Lead to Progress

    For the general history of the United States, when the people demand something en masse, the government eventually provides it. Because these US citizens turned away these buses and drew massive amounts of media attention, the government is bound to turn their attention to the issue too. In order to quell the noise created in California the government will create new legislation and appease the demand for attention to this issue.

  • No, the US needs better enforcement and immigration process not stricter policy.

    No, the US will not get stricter with its immigration policy. I believe that we do not need stricter policy. We need better enforcement of the current policy. Currently, immigration policy is inadequately enforced due to number of immigrants entering illegally. We need a better system of enforcing current policy. Also, our immigration system in general is far too slow for granting citizenship to people who do follow the legal path of entering our country.

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