Bush economic stimulus plan: Is George W. Bush's economic stimulus plan justified and beneficial for the U.S economy?

  • George W. Bush's economic stimulus plan is beneficial because tax cuts and rebates inject money back into the private sector where it can generate economic growth.

    George W. Bush's economic stimulus plan is beneficial because it contains tax rebates and cuts. Returning tax revenues to the private sector is good for the economy because only the private sector can create productive jobs and wealth. Government does not create anything, although it has important functions such as the defense of the nation. Only the private sector creates real wealth by creating products and services that are profitable and of real value. Therefore, any stimulus that returns tax dollars to the private sector is beneficial to the economy.

  • Companies Should Have Bankrupted

    The companies propped up by Bush's economic stimulus plan should have been allowed to go bankrupt as opposed to getting bailouts. In the short term, the stimulus saved the global economy from a second Great Depression. On the other hand, the lessons of such a calamity would have benefited the U.S. economy in the longer term--a second Great Depression would have weeded out the chaff of bad performers in the economic structure of America so companies can focus on the core principles of free market business.

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