Butter pecan ice cream is superior to chocolate ice cream.

Asked by: meguotaku574
  • Butter pecan is exclusive.

    Butter pecan is not only delicious, But exclusive. Since there are people who cannot eat nuts, Then butter pecan is more appealing to people who can. Butter pecan is also more expensive and rare than chocolate ice cream. More people know about chocolate ice cream, But not as many know about butter pecan which makes it more valuable to those who love it.

  • Utter Piss Can

    Chocolate will and always will be, The superior flavor of ice cream.
    If you go to a store, Chances are that they still have chocolate ice cream. It barely goes out of stock unlike putter becan.
    Also people are allergic to the N U T
    And that's not epic.

    I rest my case.

    "Wait, It's all Chocolate ice cream?


  • No that sucks

    Butter penis ice cream is inferior to classic chocolate. Also am allergic to pecans so that makes chocolate automatically better to me. When people think of ice cream they they think of chocolate, Vanilla, Maybe strawberry. Not many would say butter penis. I think the people who actually like it are in some sort of underground cult

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