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Asked by: raynacook38
  • Buy Opana pills online overnight delivery without prescription

    Buy Opana online What is the use of Opana ER? How much can people relate to this medication?

    Opana is a drug that is also popular by the name – Oxymorphone. This drug is used when a person is suffering from severe to mild pain inside the body. People who buy Opana online do not have much idea about the side effects that this drug can possess. Opana ER is basically an extended-release form of the drug Oxymorphone that is a remedy for any kind of pain that prevails in a human figure. You may order Opana ER online from our website also. Buy Opana online But before this, You may compare the prices and quality of the product on other websites too.

  • Original opana er best all day pain relief

    I have been prescribed every pain medicine on the market for the past 15 years due to debilitating constant chronic pain. I used to be prescribed opana er (before they were changed and after) the original opana er was extremely effective on my pain. One pill would last till nighttime when taken so i could sleep. Im currently prescribed morphine er and oxycodone. 300 milligrams morphine er along with 120 mg oxycodone a day does not even touch the relief and quality of life i used to receive. Smh ive been on these high doses layed up in the bed due to pain. Can't take more as it would not help any further!

  • Wish I died as a child.

    My pain is so bad oxy contin doesn't work any more. I've had pain for over 5 years. I have 26 year old 10lb 6oz. Natural chirld birth. . . Nothing at all. That's a 10. Everyday 8 to 10. Government made it I'm possible to get what you need. I'm going to Holland in March for physician assisted Suicide. Plus help.

  • Yes i think people should get to buy what they want and put in there body what they want.

    I think the people that are old enough and then know what they're doing should be allowed to do with what they pleased with their own body I don't think the government should be telling people what they should and shouldn't put in their body people put alcohol they smoke cigarettes they do anything else they want to do but when you're in pain it doesn't matter that's not fair and that is not America to me.

  • Pain Patient Meds

    Needed to treat my chronic back pain. We need access to medicals like Opana that compete with other alternatives and lower the cost via competition. I have bulging discs at all the spinal levels and this kind of medicine is the only thing that touches it. Used safely for many years, I haven't overdosed on any pain medicine. The current epidemic is being fueled by the cheap Chinise and domestically synthesized fentanyl and their analogues.

  • Fuck Opana pills.

    Why would anyone want to corrupt their body with this chemical shite and interfere with there own innate coping mechanisms. Sad people gorge themselves on marvellous medicines in the false disbelief of their own potential. Marketing false hope in the pursuit of money. Is this truly the pinnacle of man's achievements?

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