• Yes, I do.

    I find their articles to be really great at passing the time at work while on break. They are short and often contain interesting information along with fun quizzes. I like to read them and then pass them on to friends who I know will appreciate them. I also find them on Facebook a lot.

  • Articles are done by amateurs

    The articles made by buzzfeed are made majorly by millenials. The majority do not have a preparation in journalism and are often giving information without proper citation or references. If you like reading for fun, then buzzfeed is for you. If you want serious straightforward news, buzzfeed isn't for you.

  • Not In Particular

    I am not a big fan of Buzzfeed however I like to get my information from a wide variation of sources and I can accept Buzzfeed as a way to do that. They're just another source and if they can make money providing that service than I'm glad they can expand and possibly make more money.

  • I dont read buzzfeed articles

    I do not read buzzfeed articles. To get my news articles I read yahoo news. I do though enjoy some aspects of the buzzfeed website. My favorite is the quizzes that buzzfeed has displayed in their quiz section. Maybe I would like the articles if i had a chance to read them.

  • They load so slowly!

    No, I do not like to read Buzzfeed articles, because they take so long to load. I'd rather they put all of their content in one list, because otherwise it's laborious to open the windows. I have a small computer without a lot of power, and my computer cannot handle their pages, which contain large amounts of data.

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