• $50 million is Enough

    It depends, I suppose enough for what? I would happily support receiving $50 million. $50 million is enough to buy almost anything. You could by a really nice house, invest the right, and live off of the interest. How much does one person need? This question is very open to interpretation.

  • That is an investment.

    If BuzzFeed needs more than a $50 million investment, they need to change their business model. That is a huge investment. With that much money, they will be able to see if they can succeed. There isn't a lot of hardware cost to the internet, so with that they should be able to expand and set up shop.

  • Buzzfeed is already the clear leader, and this money is enough to consoldate its position

    Buzzfeed is already the top company competing in new media.
    It integrates ads and content seamlessly, and features writers with topnotch drawing
    power. This cash infusion from Andreessen Horowitz will be sufficient to power
    an expansion that will win Buzzfeed the position that the most prestigious newspapers
    once held in public notice and in income. If it’s not, they’ll just do another

  • Yes, I think $50 million is more than enough.

    Yes, I think $50 million is more than enough. I think they have a good amount of money to expand and do what they have to do to make the brand better. If they are expanding then they are going to have to improve in many different areas and that requires allot of money.

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