• The internet holds riches

    Buzzfeed has been going in about the internet is an easy path for riches. I feel that this statement is so true because there is a lot of online of online jobs out there that are just on someone to get. The internet is has a lot of work from home jobs as well but some of those jobs you have to pay money upfront.Some people us the internet for a lot of get rich quick things and that is a very bad idea.

  • No, it isn't.

    I think in the age before the dot com bubble it was a place to get rich quick, but now that is definitely not the case. Very few websites are new and inventive an even if they have a great idea, very few are run well enough to be offered a huge buyout.

  • No Easy Path To Riches

    Good for Buzzfeed - the sole purpose of starting a business is to sell it to the highest bidder at the maximum valuation. To suggest, however, that it can be done easily is foolish. The internet isn't an easier path to riches beyond your wildest dreams than any other business strategy. If you can hit on a good, successful, profitable idea, you will make money.

  • No. The internet is not an easy path to riches.

    While one can in fact make money using the internet, it is quite difficult for most. You get out of it, what you put in it. It takes quite a bit of effort and time to make something profit money using the internet. It is not an easy or over night get rich quick and easy path.

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