Buzzfeed makes big investment: Will media producer Buzzfeed overtake social networking site Facebook?

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  • It's not interactive.

    No, media producer Buzzfeed will not overtake social networking site Facebook, because Buzzfeed is not interactive. The thing that makes Facebook so appealing is that you can like your friends' status, you can post pictures, and you can create your own experience. Until Buzzfeed offers something like that, Facebook will stay more influential.

  • No, Facebook is too popular.

    No, because Facebook has become an American institution. Think of the social media sites that were around before Facebook and look where they are now. Facebook came along and basically put every similar site into the background. If Buzzfeed does overtake Facebook, it must hit a place that Facebook has not.

  • No, Buzzfeed isn't where you connect with friends.

    I don't believe that buzzfeed will overtake facebook. Buzzfeed is more of a news sites and not a social networking site where you go to connect with your friends from highschool or your co workers. Also facebook already is with a good person to run fabook, buzzfeed wouldn't know what to do.

  • No, I do not believe Buzzfeed will overtake Facebook.

    I really don't think that anyone ever will overtake Facebook, for any reason or amount of money. I am not 100% certain what exactly Buzzfeed is, however I have briefly heard of it. I haven't heard of anything regarding this issue in the news. I do remember seeing posts on Facebook regarding silly quizzes Buzzfeed offers, however I don't think that they have enough recognition and status to overtake facebook.

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