Buzzfeed makes big investments: Do Buzzfeed pages take too long to load?

  • Yes, they do but as long as they are reliable it is fine.

    Buzzfeed makes large investments for people and that can be very helpful to people who need that kind of financial advice. The pages do take a very long time to load and that should be improved if it is at all possible, but waiting for the information can be very valuable and worthwhile.

  • Sometimes they do

    Yes, buzzfeed pages often take too long to load. Of course it depends on your internet connection and time of day. Buzzfeed is not the only site that has pages that take too long to load but in the case of investment pages and unreason able length of load time is too long.

  • Buzzfeed page lod times according to internet speed.

    Speaking from personal experience I do not believe buzzfeed pages take too long to load. However, my computer is not loaded down with numerous junk files or games and music either. I have a very high Internet speed as well. If buzzfeed's pages are taking forever to load it may not be the web page's issue but a user error instead.

  • Buzzfeed page loading

    No I do not think that the website of Buzzfeed has pages that take too long to load. I have visited this site many times and never encountered a problem with a slow page load. I have also visited this website on my phone and had no problems. Perhaps if the page does take a while to dowload it could be the internet connection.

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